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Boosting the Immune System Against Flu: Meal Tips


Flu is a seasonal illness that commonly comes around when the weather is cold. But flu can enter your home at any time of the year. The worse part of it is that it can be passed around at home and to your social circles. Thankfully, you can prevent yourself from acquiring flu simply by increasing your immune system. These tips can also be applied for the vulnerable members in the household, such as your senior loved ones as their immune system may be declining at their age.

Part of what we do as a provider of home care in Mount Prospect, Illinois is to prepare meals for our clients. And as meals are strategic ways to build up your loved one’s immune system, here are helpful tips you can apply:

  • Load up on probiotics
    Probiotics are those foods that contain good bacteria in them. The word bacteria may have the bad connotation in it but there are actually good bacteria which helps improve digestion. Not only that, however, probiotics help reduce inflammation and infection which are essential elements to lower down the severity of the onset of a flu. Aside from yoghurt, fermented foods are also rich in probiotics.
  • Prioritize serving fruits and vegetables
    Stay away from the temptation of processed foods and serve fruits and vegetables – the fresher, the better. Fruits and vegetables are your natural sources of antioxidants which are powerful elements to increase the strength of one’s immune system. There may be fruits and veggies that are processed. Try to stay away from them as their processed state can contribute to the decline of your immune system.
  • Take vitamin C foods or supplements
    Vitamin C is very powerful in controlling inflammation, as well as in fighting against bacteria. This makes it an effective tool to overcome flu and other weather-related infection. When vitamin C-rich foods are not available, take supplements. If you can request your doctor’s prescription on these supplements, better for you.

For your senior loved one who’s mostly living alone at home, make sure that their meals can help keep them from common infections such as flu. Our experienced providers of senior care in Illinois can assist them in preparing these healthy meals so that your loved one is still well taken care of. Aside from preparing healthy meals, we can also assist them with other activities such as personal care and grooming, light housekeeping, and other services on non-medical home care in Illinois.

Flu can be easily acquired by people with a low immune system such as the seniors. Hence, it’s on your call to keep them healthy and protected from these illnesses. When you’re not personally around to aid your aging loved one, our team at Excellence Safe Home Care LLC can keep them company and extend the quality care that you would like to give yourself. If you have any inquiries about our services, don’t hesitate to keep in touch.

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