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Memory-Building Activities for Your Senior Loved One


For our senior loved ones, memory loss can be a common occurrence. Part of the natural consequence of aging is the decline of physical functionality, such as weakening, dizziness, and memory loss. However, the progression of the memory loss can be minimized when a senior person is regularly engaged in stimulating activities. To build up their memory, there are also memory-enhancing activities that they ought to engage in.

As key providers of senior care in Illinois, we would like to impart this information to support you in caring for your loved one. Here are memory-enhancing activities that every senior person can benefit from.

  • Word Puzzles
    Playing word puzzles such as word games or puzzles is like the brain’s workout. It enables the brain to think, analyze, and remember correctly so that it can provide correct answers to the game. In figuring out the correct letter or word, the senior person can also enhance their recall ability.
  • Arts and Crafts
    As we provide home care in Mount Prospect, Illinois, one of the engaging activities we can prepare for your senior loved one is creating arts and crafts. These activities build up their memory in a way that stretches out their creative ideas while at the same time strengthening the coordination between their hands and eyes. Finishing an activity can also boost their sense of fulfilment knowing they have done something productive.
  • Logic Puzzles
    These are games that involve critical thinking and problem-solving. In a given situation, the senior person is encouraged to provide solutions in order to arrive get a logical answer. It also builds up their memory as it allows them to think of real-life scenarios to associate with the provided situation.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
    Nothing is even more stimulating than jigsaw puzzles, which can truly test a senior person’s memory and hand-eye coordination. In addition to this, when a senior person is playing alone, they can also have the sense of relaxation in doing something that is repeated and yet fulfilling once solved.
  • Trivia Games
    These games are very ideal for seniors playing as groups, although it can also be played individually. The excitement found in playing trivia games stimulate the goals of participating in them even more. Trivia games are extremely memory-stimulating as these enable the senior to recall the right answers in order to win the game. Being able to enjoy the game with friends is already a bonus.

Playing to stimulate a senior person’s memory is indeed a great strategy to exercise their brain every day. Along with our ways of providing non medical home care in Illinois, we also help you in taking care of the mental well-being of your aging family members. As they age at home, the companionship we provide is something that can better aid in their memory enhancement.

At Excellence Safe Home Care LLC, you have a partner in ensuring quality care to your senior loved one. If your loved one needs our assistance, set an appointment with us today.

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